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1-Hour Regular Ride Weekday (Adult)

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Ever thought of surfing in a shopping mall? Now you can with the flow riding and surfing simulator venue in 1 Utama Shopping Centre. FlowRider® 1 Utama is a hybrid board sport combining the techniques of surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding and skim boarding.

FlowRider® 1 Utama combines the “cool” factor with reliability and safety – in other words, a whole lot of fun! Experience FlowRider® yourself now!

FlowRider® 1 Utama 1-Hour Regular Ride for Adult (Weekday).

Whether a beginner or an expert, one can catch a perpetual wave with the guidance of our professional instructor. Waves are flawlessly created by endless sheets of water flowing at a 32 km/h over a composite vinyl surface. Submersible propeller pumps located in the pool below inject a 3-inch sheet of water creating a surfable wave. The resulting wave-like shape lets riders surf up and down, perform tricks and spins.

Package Description:

For 1 Adult(Aged 13 and above)
1-Hour FlowRider Surfing Session
All packages are inclusive of:
– Digital Lockers
– Shower Room
– Surf Boards
– Professional instructors that will guide you basic FlowRider surfing techniques.