6 Star Rock Climbing Experience @ Bukit Keteri -Min. 4 Pax (Price for 4 Persons)

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6 Star Rock Climbing Experience

Things we do :

  • Climbing at Bukit Keteri
  • max. 5 hours of climbing experience

Package Include:

  1. Climbing Instructor
  2. Climbing Guide
  3. Equipment harness, helmet, rope and climbing safety purpose
  4. Drinking Water

Package Exclude:

  1. Lunch Meal
  2. Extra equipment (based on request)

*Note :

Package is minimum of 4 pax to go

  • Start/Stop point at Smart Leisure Office at Kangar Jaya, Hotel Putra Regency or Hotel Seri Malaysia.
  • Booking now till November 2024. Travel date from January 2024 till December 2024
  • Please whatsapp or call +60173392012 (Mr. Siddiq) to get more information.
  • www.smarteisuretravels.com

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