Buddyz Melaka After Dark: A Journey of Rediscovery for 2 pax

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This is a tour voucher for 2 pax, please contact us at [email protected] to redeem this voucher.

Melaka City is the capital of the coastal state of Melaka, in southwestern Malaysia, dubbed as "The Historic State" and crowned a UNESCO World Heritage City in 2008! Ever imagine experiencing the city at night with tales of the past and seeing things that you can't see during the day?

Have a mysterious experience on this night walk that will cover some of the oldest streets in Melaka City such as the Blacksmith Street, Kampung Kuli Street, Java Lane and many more. This experience is curated with a group of passionate gentlemen (Eddie and Colin) who wants to promote Melaka and share the history to as many people as possible. Eddie or myself can host up to 7 participants only for this socially-distanced version and to ensure you will have a better experience on this journey of rediscovery.

Join us to discover the secrets and stories of Melaka, a state that is notable for its heritage hot-spots due to its long experience with trading and colonization by the Portuguese, Dutch and British. Light up your senses and be amazed by night scenes of this historic city of Melaka!

This experience is available daily, at Malaysia time 8.30pm (GMT+8)

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