Cat City Semenggoh Orang Utan & Anah Rais Village Tour (Min. 2 Adults / Prices for 2 adults)

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1. Location: Semenggoh Wildlife Centre & Annah Rais Longhouse
2. Duration: Approximately 6 hours
3. Pick up Time: 0800am
4. Attire: Fully covered shoes, Casual Sport wear.
5. Itinerary: The tours start with a 45minutes roadtrip to Semenggoh Wildlife Centre. Due to the feeding time is 9am-10am everyday, and visitor only been allowed to enter the part during this period. We will use the buggy to the station and meet the ranger at hall. After safety briefing, we will proceed to the feeding platform. We will proceed to another 45minutes drive to Annah Rais Longhouse. You will see the structure of the longhouse, the lifestyle of the Bidayuh people. We will send you back to hotel after that. Tour end.

6. Additional Info: You are only allowed to take the photo of longhouse, always ask for permission if you would like to take picture of/with the people.



  • The Orang Utans roam free in this 653 hectare forest reserve.
  • Spot their delicate nests; watch their skillful movements on the tree tops and their interesting behavior during feeding time.
  • The guide will also narrate to you the behavior and characteristics of this special primate called Orang Utan or ‘Man of the Forest’.
  • Then, continue the tour to Annah Rais, which is one of the most famous Bidayuh longhouse in Sarawak.
  • Immerse yourself with their daily routine like rice pounding and winnowing, basket and mat weaving and bamboo carving.
  • Be intrigued with most unique and important structure, the “Baruk” or head house, which hold scared war drum and human skull.

Remarks: Sighting of wildlife is NOT GUARANTEED on any wildlife tour, even though each trip is designed around known habitats. The guides will do their utmost to ensure a sighting, but cannot be held liable if there is no successful sighting of wildlife due to weather, or any other factor beyond our control.


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