Desaru Panti Rainforest Awakening

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The Panti Forest Reserve covers nearly 275 sq km of lowland dipterocarp rainforest. It is home to over 25 species of mammals, including the critically endangered Malayan Tiger, Asiatic Elephant and Malayan Tapir.

It is also home to the very loveable White-handed Gibbon, Pig-tailed Macaques and Banded Langurs. An early start ensures that we arrive at the Bunker Trail in time to listen to the rainforest ‘dawn chorus’ made up of songbirds, cicadas, and sometimes the ‘whooping’ calls of the White-handed Gibbons.

At the entrance to the Bunker Trail, we transfer onto the rear of our bird mobile and slowly drive along this 14 km long stretch of dirt road on the lookout for birds, primates and other wildlife. Several km into the journey we will stop to trek and explore a quiet jungle trail. Here your nature guide will unravel some of the interesting plants, trees, insects, and small mammals we may chance upon.

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