Kenny Loh Couture - Premium Happy Bunny [Size 7/EUR39]

Kenny Loh Couture
Kenny Loh Couture
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Kenny Loh Couture - Premium Happy Bunny [Size 7/EUR39]

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Size:7 / EUR39

Heel type:Stillotte

Heel height:4 inches

Sole colour: Yellow

Panel: Premium Japanese glass beads

Sole material: Satin

Beads size: 15/0

*this product can be customade by sending us an email.

Beaded slippers or beaded shoes called 'Manek Eh' in Hokkien were handmade with much skill and patience. The delicate beadworks of the traditional beaded slipper epitomizes Nyonya artistry, as these beautiful shoes would often have been created by their wearer herself. Each pair would have taken months to complete and involved the stitching and stringing of faceted glass beads from Bohemia (precent-day Czech Republic). In modern times, premium glass beads from Japan are preferred. 

Traditional manak Eh design often has european floral subjects like roses, daisy, with colours influenced by Baba Nyonya porcelain and batik sarongs. 

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