Kenny Loh Couture x MAG Sustainable Tomorrow Kasut Manik - Melaka Blue

Kenny Loh Couture
Kenny Loh Couture
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Our unique kasut manik (beaded shoes) were made in partnership with Malaysia Airlines Group (MAG) using upcycled Malaysia Airlines trademark kebaya uniforms as part of our global sustainability initiative.​

  • Limited-edition
  • 100% Handmade in Malaysia
  • Features a comfortable 2-inch block heel and batik trimming

These beaded shoes were inspired by the diamond-cut Nyonya kueh (Peranakan cakes and dessert). Each pair features 2,000 beads, expertly cross-stitched into a diamond motif through local craftsmanship from Kenny Loh Couture.

Blue being a colour of healing and tranquility, perfectly encapsulates our sustainability goals as an airline through our support of the revitalisation of local craftsmanship and the use of recycled cabin crew uniforms.  

Whether you enjoy collecting heritage pieces or just want something unique for your wardrobe, this pair of beaded shoes is the perfect addition to your shoe collection. Pair it with a kebaya or baju kurung for special occasions or add a touch of tradition to your modern outfit if you're a woman on the go. 

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