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The Sayang kurung set is our modern and practical interpretation of a peplum dress. We love how the design allows you to style the blouse in both front and back. The adjustable belt feature adds on to the flexibility of giving that extra space, or to accentuate your waistline to enhance your overall figure. Crafted from 100% cotton material, the Sayang set will ensure that you’ll enjoy your Raya in comfort all day long. Wear it as a set or style them separately, Sayang is designed to make Raya dressing practical without compromising the elements of femininity. The versatility of this modern kurung set offers you endless styling possibilities for your daily wear, and not only limited to Raya and formal occasions. As love is the pillar of strength and happiness, and the essence of Raya, true to its meaning, the Sayang set is a must-have in your Raya celebration this year.
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