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Koisaan Cultural Village represents a living museum to preserve the multi-ethnic Kadazandusun culture. It aims to share the knowledge, history, and cultural heritage of the multi-ethnic Kadazandusun community.

KCV offers you the opportunity to see and experience the culture and lifestyle of how the indigenous ethnic communities of the Kadazandusun used to live in the past.

The village features 11 different ethnic cultural houses in one village. They are The Penampang Cultural House, The Tenom Cultural – Lansaran House, The Beaufort Cultural House, The Kota Belud Cultural House, The Kuala Penyu Cultural House, The Keningau Cultural House, The Tambunan Cultural House, The Papar Cultural House, The Ranau Cultural House, The Tuaran Cultural House and The Kudat Cultural Long House.

This Tour Package includes:

• Visit to 11 Traditional Houses and the Unduk Ngadau Gallery
•Complimentary drinks - High Tea/Lunch with option for Traditional Food at the Multi Purpose Hall (Open Stage)
• Welcoming gong beating and traditional dances performance
• Assembling of Headgear (Sigah) and (Siung)demonstration
• Fire-starting demonstration
• Giant slippers demonstration
• Momolositik (sling shot)
• Watch the 'Huminodun' movie in (Kadazandusun language with English sub-titles) about the sacrifice of a Kadazandusun maiden to save the starving people;
• Display and sampling of traditional dishes and drinks
• Demonstration of "Inuong Dazang" a Rungus ethnic traditional puzzle
• Blowpipe demonstration and playing on the traditional trampoline, the Lansaran"
• Visit to the Unduk Ngadau - Gallery that display the various traditional costumes of the Kadazandusun, legend of Huminodun, the Bobohizans and photo gallery of Unduk Ngadaus since 1960 till present.

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