Langkawi Birdwatching Tour Halfday

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Langkawi is home to approximately 267 species of birds, of which about one-third are migrants. These migrants winter here between the months of November to April. Outside these months, we will still get to see the resident birds. The most suitable time to observe birds at the equator is either early morning or early evening when they are most active. This tour is suitable for both the serious birder and the birding enthusiast. This half-day tour is spread over two sessions. You can either do them both or the one you prefer.

Morning Session

  • Time: 07.30am to 11.30am
  • Habitat: Rainforest Corridor, Mangrove Forest, Plantation.

Afternoon Session

  • Time: 03.30pm to 07.30pm
  • Habitat: Wetland, Disturb Forest, Mountain Rainforest. 


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