Langkawi Hiking Mount Matchinchang

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Trek to the summit of Mount Matchincang Geoforest Park with an altitude of 701M above sea level. Visit the stunning weathered limestone & ancient sandstone formations, the first land in what is now SE Asia to emerge from the oceans 550 million years ago and see the unique flora and fauna it supports. 

It is a fairly easy trail and take about 2 hours hike to the top. However, it does require a high fitness level. Guide will share some knowledge on Langkawi’s flora and fauna on the way. We hope to see the wildlife that co-habitat this environment such as birds, butterflies, and monkeys.

At the top we will be rewarded with a wonderful view of the island from the summit. On the way back to the base of Mount Matchincang, we will stop at one of the jungle streams for a refreshing swim. 

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