Langkawi Mangrove River Cruise & Snorkeling

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Head to Kubang Badak Jetty and hop on Explorer Boat for a ride along the coastal river to explore the mangrove forest. Next,we stop at an Ancient Charcoal Kiln and next at Pinang Cave. The remains of an ancient sea cave formed by waves when the sea was 25m above its current level. We then head off to Pulau Dangli, a secluded island with vibrant aquatic life and coral reefs on offer. Enjoy leisurely snorkeling on this island with the resident Sergent Major fishes. We might be able to see more fishes and the coral reef on a neap tide.

RM 600/boat (max 8 persons)

Available Daily at 3.00pm to 6.00pm

Total Duration of Activity: Approximately 3 hours
2 Hours: Boat Ride
30 min: Visiting Pinang Cave, Charcoal Kiln
30 min: Swimming & Snorkeling at Dangli Island

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