Langkawi Rainforest Afterdark

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As the day draws to a close and the night begins to envelop it, a myriad of amazing and unique creatures begin to stir and come alive to start the night shift.  Our tour starts from the base of Gunung Raya where our guide will meet and greet you. After a short brief, we proceed with a drive to the summit of the highest peak on the island.

This drive-up takes us along a quiet road that overlooks the rainforest canopy. Your guide will look out for animals like monkeys, squirrels, and birds such as hornbills, rollers, flowerpeckers, and sunbirds. We will make several stops at scenic points to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the island.

Just about sunset we proceed to drive down Gunung Raya where proceed to Lubuk Semilang in search of the enigmatic nocturnal animals that call this place home. We hope to see bats, flying squirrels, and the unique Flying Lemur is also known as the Colugo.

Duration: approximately: 1-hour driving and 1 hour walk/wildlife spotting.

Tour itinerary:

5.30pm – Tour starts, drive up to the summit of Gunung Raya with stops along the way to spot wildlife.

6.30pm – Starts to drive down to the base of Gunung Raya and a short 5 min drive to Lubuk Semilang in search for colugo.

7.30pm – Tours end

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