Malaysia Airlines x FAM x Little Joe Air Freshener

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Malaysia Airlines x FAM x Little Joe Air Freshener


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With the recent collaboration between Little Joe Malaysia and Malaysia Airlines, a customized Little Joe 3D air freshener has been made with designs pertaining to MAS’s elements also incorporating the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) into the packaging design spectrum.

This specially customized car air freshener is infused with a Vanilla Cream scent that extrudes elegance with sweet vanilla base notes and a pronounced cream-esque top notes.  

- Fragrance oils used are made in Italy

- Most items will be shipped within 24-Hours

- Features a clip-on design that can be easily attached

- 100% Safe, No Liquid, Unique design

- Little Joe 3D air fresheners can last up to 45-Days

- Item's condition will remain after 60-Days

- Can be collected as a Personal Collection

Scent: Vanilla Cream

Item Weight: 23 gram

Package Dimensions: 130mm x 75mm x 24mm

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