Mandarin Orange Bath Bomb

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Mandarin Orange Bath Bomb


Product details

    • Natural Handmade Bath Bomb
    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Has aromatherapy benefits
    • Bath Bombs leave your skin soft and moisturised
    • They are all-natural, chemical free bath time treats which means no harsh irritants
    • These ingredients leave your skin healthier and younger looking
    • Epsom Salts are good for relaxing muscles and draws out impurities
    • Sodium bicarbonate and citric acid cleans, deodorises, repairs skin and strengthens blood vessels
    • Coconut Oil moisturises and purifies the skin
    • Pure Essential Oil : Sweet Orange Pure Essential Oil which lightens/brightens skin, improves skin complexion and glow
    • Scent : Mandarin Orange


Weight : 65 gms


Notes :

  1. As the bath bombs are individually handmade / handcrafted, there might be slight differences between every piece as compared to the image shown above
  2. Natural ingredients are used for all products


Caution :

  1. The usage of bath bombs for children below 3 years old is up to the parents discretion as the ingredients may not be suitable for a child'sdelicate skin
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