Marshall Jack Rack II Key Holder - Silver Jubilee

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Marshall Jack Rack II Key Holder - Silver Jubilee


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Plug in. Hang out.

The JCM800 Jack Rack is the best way to hang your keys. Whether it's at home, the studio, the office, or anywhere else you need to keep your keys organised.

Using real guitar inputs and fretting along with a gold brushed metal front panel, you'll never lose your keys again. 4 keychains included.

Chose your amp of choice, whether it's the classic JCM800, the slick all-black stealth version, or our 25th anniversary Silver Jubilee and hang your keys in style.

● Realistic amp texture.
● Gold brushed metal face plate.
● Actual black amp fret.
● Real white rubber piping.
● Authentic white Marshall plastic logo.
● Built in amp handle.
● Uses real amplifier input.
● Uses real guitar plugs as keychains.

● Size : 8" (20.4cm) x 3" (7.62cm) x 1.5" (3.81cm)

What in the box
● x1 Key Rack
● x4 Key Chains
● x1 Wall Mounting Kit

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