Marshall Uptown Rock Sack

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Marshall Uptown Rock Sack


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Big brother to the Backpack, the Rocksack backpack boasts a massive 28L capacity with bigger external pockets. Featuring a hooded drawstring closure secured by bespoke Marshall volume knob rope lock, foam padded back and wide shoulder straps. This is your go-to rucksack for leisure and adventure.

● Durable 14oz waxed canvas and vegan leather
● Velvet polyester plush-lined laptop sleeve
● Theft prevention body-side zip
● Easy-access top zip
● Padded waist pocket
● Shoulder strap card pocket
● Twin side magnetic expandable pockets
● Marshall iconic “Wall of Sounds” lining
● Front pocket with organiser
● Comfort formed PU foam back padding
● Adjustable heavyweight-mesh shoulder straps
● Internal gear pockets
● Vegan leather top handle
● Marshall signature metal accessories
● Pick holder keyring with Jim Marshall pick

● Size: 21.3” (54cm) x 14.6” (37cm) x 5.7” (14.5cm)
● Volume:  29 L
● Weight:  2.6 lbs (1.2kg)

● 15” MacBook Pro, iPad Pro 12.9”, iPhone X Max or smaller

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