Paragliding + River Rafting Package (6 pax)

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Paragliding + River Rafting Package (6 pax)


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Attention thrill-seekers! Soar to new heights or navigate exhilarating river rapids – a paradise for adventure enthusiasts. Experience the ultimate thrill by paragliding over the majestic peaks of Selangor, reaching approximately 1,400ft above sea level.
Then, venture to Kuala Kubu Bahru for an adrenaline-pumping journey down rapid river currents. Immerse yourself in a perfect blend of excitement, natural beauty, and a whole lot of adventure.
Package Highlights:
- This package serves for 6 persons.
- Glide gracefully over Selangor's mountain peaks.
- Capture every thrilling moment with a GoPro camera.
- Marvel at breathtaking views from the sky.
- Navigate the white waters as you raft down the rivers of Kuala Kubu Bahru.

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