Rajah Brooke Family Suites

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Rajah Brooke Family Suites


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The Rajah Brooke Family Tented Villas are beautifully built to ensure guests are comfortable . Each Tiarasa Escapes villa has its own theme; drawing inspirations from Sarawakian, African and Moroccan culture. These three themes are influenced from Tiara's own travels with her family. The luxurious Rajah Brooke villa comes equipped with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and an airy lounge. They have ample space for families or groups of friends. The first bedroom contains a spacious king-sized bed while the second bedroom provides guests with separate single beds. Each villa comes with its own patio and ensuite bathtub.
Suitable for a Family, or a group of friends.

Room Description
- 1 King-sized bed
- 2 Single-sized beds
- For 4 Adults and 2 Kids (aged below 12 years old)
- Lounge area with a sofa
- Ensuite with shower & bathtub

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