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Serial Chiller Pack


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The Serial Chiller Pack is the ultimate gift for someone who needs to chill out, relax & hydrate. Can’t decide which flavor to drink, let the Tapir decide for you, just spin! The fridge is too far away, store cans in the Chiller bag to keep it thirst quenching chilled right next to you to give or keep for yourself.

12 x can 325ml in a carton. 1 can of each flavour.
Apple & Vanilla Light, Lemonade & Lengkuas Light, Grapefruit & Chamomile Light, Orange & Jasmine Light, Hibiscus & Lime Light, Guava & Lemongrass Light, Pineapple & Calamansi Light, Marigold Gold Light, Rose Green Light, Osmanthus Black Light, Borneo Krim Light, Rhino Ale Light.

FREE a Serial Chiller Chiller Bag. (Colour Options: BLACK) While stocks last.
Bag size: 15.5cm(W) x 23.5cm(H) x 17.5cm(L)



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