Simply Enak - Secrets of KL – Nightlife - Street Art & Cocktail [Non-refundable]

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Simply Enak - Secrets of KL – Nightlife - Street Art & Cocktail [Non-refundable]


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Are you ready to explore some of the best-hidden gems of Kuala Lumpur’s nightlife? Let’s get started with a locally inspired cocktail, or if you’re keen a craft beer infused with typically Malaysian flavours. A young and entrepreneurial group of business owners is slowly changing the way Kuala Lumpur and specifically Petaling Street looks. Much of this change is happening in secret, behind obscure doors. What used to be brothels are now trendy, underground, pubs and cocktail bars. They blend in really well with the traditional street food that has been served in this area for many years now. We will explore the alleys as well as some of the train stations’ street art and murals. Enjoy stories of the night, vices and how they have shaped the capital city of Malaysia. Dinner will be served at one of the must-eat street food stalls whilst you will be entertained with stories of the city’s history and culture; food for thought as well as the stomach!

This tour comes with a secret dish, only to be announced on the day of the tour. Speaking of food, we will make sure your stomach is taken care of as well with a sample of the best snacks, clay pot chicken rice and more. Also indulge in a must-have dish when in Kuala Lumpur, one of the best Rendangs in town!

Looking for a different kind of night fun and learning more about the city of Kuala Lumpur in the process? Then this is your tour. Catch a glimpse of KL’s hidden nightlife today!

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