The Highland Trek (Day Package)

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The Highland Trek (Day Package)


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Ever wanted to trek the highlands of Nepal and been daunted by the prospect and cost? Ever wanted to say “I made it up the mountain” for the views? Well here’s your chance.

This trek takes in the whole gamut of what a jungle trek in Malaysia is usually about. From trekking through dense jungle surroundings to wild bamboo thickets. River crossings and uphill scrambling are the norm. Elevation changes will see you trek from lowland jungle foliage to almost mossy rocky outcrops high up in the hill. You will be transecting in the main mountain range of Malaysia that makes up the spine of the country.

Once you summit, you’ll be enjoying pats on your back, gulping down your water, AND more importantly, an unhindered 360 degrees breath taking view of the surrounding hills and valleys of the main Malaysian mountain range.

At the peak, you will also enjoy exploring remnants and ruins of the British Colonial past that is part of the historical makeup of Malaysia. Find out how the Japanese bombed the very spot you’re standing on in World War 2.

Upon descending this mountain of a hill, you will enjoy a much deserve dip in the mountain streams to cool down. You are going to need it.



  • Transportation to and from your hotel anywhere in Kuala Lumpur
  • Indian Breakfast, Malay Picnic lunch, Early Chinese dinner (vegetarian options and halal options available)
  • Backpacks
  • Drinking water
  • Shower facilities after the activity
  • Walking poles if needed
  • Bathroom, storage area, prayer room

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