The Magical View Trek (Day Package)

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The Magical View Trek (Day Package)


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Ever wanted to explore a slice of Malaysia in one day? Here's your chance. From exploring a beautiful small town rich with history that harks back to the 1800s, to enjoying sumptuous food running the whole gamut of Malaysian cuisine. You may have noticed, Malaysians love their food, so expect the best foods the town will offer. Steep in history and rich in taste, you can expect a sensory overload.

Your day starts with a pick up at 6AM before driving an hour to a charming colonial era small town and having breakfast at our specially curated local diner.

This tour takes you to a fairly steep jungle hike approximately 1.5 hours uphill through the tropical jungle. Throughout the trek, you will be rewarded with fantastic views of the surrounding area. There are 2 peaks to be conquered, with both peaks giving you different vistas. 

Upon descending the hill, we will then make a detour to a river to swim off our sweat from the climb!

Then we head off to have a late lunch before sending you back.



  • Transportation to and from your hotel anywhere in Kuala Lumpur
  • Indian Breakfast, Malay Picnic lunch, Early Chinese dinner (vegetarian options and halal options available)
  • Backpacks
  • Drinking water
  • Shower facilities after the activity
  • Walking poles if needed
  • Bathroom, storage area, prayer room

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