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The Sabah Doll


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The doll is wearing a traditional Kadazan costume. Kadazan is one of the ethnic groups indigenous to the state of Sabah, Malaysia.

Their most important festival is the Kaamatan or harvest festival which is celebrated in May every year. The blouse "Sinuangga" and the long skirt "Tapi" are made from black velvet fabric with gold trimming. The accessories on the doll are silver coin belt called "Himpogot", a maximum of three are used depending on personal wealth, one around the waist and the other two above and below the "Tangkong" - three line of hip-belt made from brass.

The Sabah Doll is complete with a "gong" hairstyle called "tinimbuku", a style that is usually worn by the ladies in their local ethnic pageant, Unduk Ngadau.

Please note: Dolls are Made to Order (MTO) & is handmade by Wesley. Each doll requires 3 days to make & he focuses only on one doll per day to ensure the best possible quality for our customers.

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