The Sarawak Doll

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The Sarawak Doll


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The doll is wearing a traditional Orang Ulu costume. The Orang Ulu tribal group is diverse and it includes the Kayan & Kenyah tribe. Orang Ulu means the "up-river dwellers", mainly found living in central Borneo and in the largest state of Malaysia, which is Sarawak.

The Sarawak Doll's blouse and skirt are made of black velvet decorated with colourful sequins. Orang Ulu are famous for their colourful beads accessories from head to toe, as worn by the Sarawak Doll. The headgear called "Lavung" is handmade with beads in fern motives and faux animal hair.

This costume is usually worn during special occasions such as weddings, traditional dance performances and local festivals.

Please note: Dolls are Made to Order (MTO) & is handmade by Wesley. Each doll requires 3 days to make & he focuses only on one doll per day to ensure the best possible quality for our customers.

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