Wonder Woman 1984 Earring

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Wonder Woman 1984 Earring


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The earing feture Wonder Women most iconic "W" symbol which is 18K gold plated. With 32 White Cubic Zirconia embellish in the back of it, the ear ring synbolise truth, justice and equality. The ring that hold both the "W" symbol and the 32 Cubic Zirconia is made by 925 Sterling Silver and 18K white gold plated,making it the perfect ear ring to represent Wonder Women.



Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Plating: 18K White and Yellow Gold Plated
Weight: 3.13g
Product Dimension: L 13mm x H 14mm x T 13mm
Type of Stone: Preciosa Zirconia
Stone Information: White Cubic Zirconia x 32pcs (1.5mm)

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