Ylang Ylang Pure Essential Oil

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Ylang Ylang Pure Essential Oil


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100% Natural Pure Essential Oil

Used for aromatherapy / skincare / diffuser


Aromatherapy benefits

Relaxation, mood booster, anti-stress, sleep aid


Benefits for skin

Anti-ageing, rejuvenates skin, moisturises skin, treats acne, treats cuts and wounds


Benefits for hair

Improves hair texture, reduces hair breakage, stimulates hair growth, stimulates oil production on dry scalp


Weight : 10 ml


Suggested Use :

  • Used in a diffuser for aromatherapy (add 3 to 5 drops of essential oil per 100ml of water)
  • Can be inhaled directly out of the bottle
  • Place a couple of drops in a steaming bowl of hot water and inhale the aromatic vapours with a towel draped over the head over the bowl
  • Rub a few drops of oil between your palms and breathe in the aroma
  • Can be applied directly on the skin (Do a skin patch test. Dilute with carrier oil if too strong)
  • Add to carrier oil for massage use
  • Get creative by adding essential oil to a body wash / shampoo / bath
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