Ben Rongen Jewellery Silver Earing PEACH #E10

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Ben Rongen Jewellery Silver Earing PEACH #E10

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*Silver Edition Range* One of a kind hand crafted ceramic piece using 925 Sterling Silver as earrings casing. Silver brings out the delicate details of the ceramic and enhances the beauty of the jewellery. To own a piece of Ben Rongen Jewellery is to own a piece of 400 years old history. You can own yourself a personally hand crafted jewellery by master Australian jeweler, Ben Rongen. Every single piece of jewellery is unique and one of its kind in this world. There is no second identical earrings in the world. This beautifully crafted earrings uses a historic 400 year old ceramic recovered from the Ming Dynasty year 1625 Wanli shipwreck off the coast of Terengganu, South China Sea. Be a proud owner of a historical piece of artefact. Each of Ben Rongen's masterpiece comes with a certificate of authenticity and a beautiful gift box. All products are personally hand made by Ben Rongen himself. Suitable as a personal collection or an exquisite gift to others.
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