Cat City Holidays 3D2N Iban Longhouse Safari (Min. 2 adults / Prices are for 2 adults)

Cat City Holidays
Cat City Holidays
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The 4 hours land “adventure” will pass through scenic greenery countryside; dotted with vegetable farms, padi fields and other substance farming. En route, a brief stopover at a small town, to experience the busy daily wet market selling jungle produce. The land journey will end at a riverbank where longboat ride a wait you. Traverse up and down the river on a longboat. Upon arrival, mingle with the longhouse folks and experience communal style living. Be intrigued by their livelihood and learn about their hunting methods, bamboo cooking meals and their dependence on the rainforest for everything from their food to their medicines. Enjoy local delicacies including the famous ‘Tuak’, locally brewed rice wine. Immerse yourself in cultural activities including traditional dancing and blowpipe demonstrations. Go on a guided jungle walk and learn about plants used by the natives for food, medicine, and handicrafts. Overnight at Resort / Guesthouse. Dinner is provided

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