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Yilan Traditional Art Center is located next to Dongshan River Water Park, covering an area of 24 hectares. You can spend a whole day here. You will walk into an ancient capital full of nostalgic flavors, feel the charm of a theater, and deeply experience the richness of Taiwan. Diverse crafts, folk skills, drama, music, dance. The restored old-style building deepens the depth of traditional experience, while combining folk skills and performing arts, it seems to travel through time and space, allowing people to truly experience the essence of Taiwan's traditional art. This is a dynamic museum with wonderful traditional art performances every day. . There is also a paid hand-made experience course, where you can roll up your sleeves to create and bring home unique traditional handicrafts.

Operations Hour :

09:00~20:00(Summer (JulyAugust))
09:00~18:00(Other seasons)


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