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Get access to 3 activities in Chiang Mai with our Journify Chiang Mai Pass! This pass offers you the flexibility to select from a curated list of must-haves, ranging from general admission to renowned attractions and services such as: 

1. Chiang Mai Night Safari 

The Chiang Mai Night Safari unveils the magic of the animal kingdom after dark. Embark on tram rides through diverse habitats, spotting rare nocturnal creatures unseen on daytime tours. This unforgettable adventure promises a newfound appreciation for the beauty and diversity of the nocturnal world

2. Elephant Jungle Sanctuary 

With a choice either the morning or afternoon session, escape to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, Thailand's ethical haven for rescued elephants! Feed, bathe, and play with the elephants in a cruelty-free environment, fostering a deeper appreciation for their well-being and the beauty of responsible tourism. 

3. Baan Farm Thai Cooking Class 

Nestled amidst lush greenery or a traditional Thai farm, Baan Farm Thai Cooking School offers a serene escape where you can delve into the culinary art of Thailand. Learn to prepare authentic dishes in a relaxing atmosphere, gaining valuable insights into the ingredients, techniques, and unique flavour profiles that define Thai cuisine.  

4. Art in Paradise 

This interactive museum bursts with stunning 3D artworks created by talented artists. Each exhibit is designed to engage and inspire, inviting you to pose creatively and capture unforgettable photos.  

5. Thaphae Boxing Stadium Muay Thai Ticket 

Witness authentic matches where fighters display their incredible skill and power, utilising a unique combination of feet, elbows, and knees. This cultural and action-packed activity promises an unforgettable glimpse into Thailand's combat heritage. 

6. FlyingBird Paramotor 

This attraction offers a thrilling yet serene experience, letting you feel the wind beneath your wings. With an expert team of trainers and pilots with over 15 years of experience, immerse yourself in the atmosphere, feel the air around you and experience the world from a breathtaking new vantage point. 

7. Chiang Mai International Airport private transfer 

Skip the hassle of taxis or public transportation and ensure a stress-free finale to your Chiang Mai adventure! Pre-book your airport transfer and a friendly driver will be waiting to whisk you away from your hotel lobby right on time. 

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