Cleanrest Pro Mattress Encasement For Bedbug Prevention (200x200x23-45cm)

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Cleanrest Pro Mattress Encasement For Bedbug Prevention (200x200x23-45cm)


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CleanRest Mattress Encasements are designed to keep your mattress looking and feeling brand new by defending against spills, incontinence, dust mites, and bed bugs!

CleanRest MicronOne waterproof sleep surface fabric solves the problems other waterproof encasements create, a hot sticky sleep experience. Our MicronOne waterpoof fabric is proven to be over 2x more breathable than competing brands (independent lab results confirm). Great breathability = cooler sleep.

Our sidewalls allow airflow to prevent a “hot bed” - allowing warmed air to escape the mattress. Other mattress encasement brands will laminate every side of a mattress encasement with a polyurethane waterproof membrane – the membrane is not air porous, therefor creating a hot bed by trapping warmed air within the mattress encasements.

Our patented Zip-N-Click zipper docking station locks the zipper in place to prevent accidental openings while sealing off invading bed bugs. Other brands use crude zip-ties that a difficult to use or velcro flaps that are not secure and create a new area for bed bugs to hide.

A new wash test confirms our encasements will withstand laundering using 160 degree water!

-Protection: Protect your bed from allergens, spills, incontinence, bed bugs, mold spores, and bacteria with our patented MicronOne waterproof fabric to ensure a healthy night’s sleep and a clean mattress. 
-Better Zipper Security: Zip-N-Click, our patented self-locking zipper enclosure snaps shut to block bed bugs and prevent accidental openings. Easier to use and more secure than zip-ties or Velcro flaps! Lab tested.
-EZ-Fit Stretch Sidewalls: Fits all mattress depths like a glove. Our stretch sidewalls make it easier for you to remove & reinstall when laundering. Tear resistant.
-Cooler & Quieter: Lab testing confirms 140% better sleep surface breathability over other brands so you can sleep dry & cool at night. 
-5-Year Warranty, Noiseless, Chemical Free, Hotel White Fabric, Passed the CDC’s Level 4 Test for Personal Protective Equipment.

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