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Dorothy Scents brings you a fun new collection to add uplifting vibes to your room. This collection of scents has been curated specifically to give each of our candle fans something that they will love.

There are sweet smells, spa-inspired ones, earthy ones and fresh flowers too. Wrapped with finesse and it would definitely perk up someone's day.


Scent-sational scents product description

Monday- Eucalyptus mint- (Awaken your senses)

Tuesday - Lily of the valley - (Comforting)

Wednesday -  Crushed Lemongrass -  (Refreshing and uplifting)

Thursday -White Tea (Rejuvenate)

Friday - Orange flower, peach & musk (Pure Bliss)

Saturday - Tuberose - (Everlasting Love)

Sunday - Chamomile & lavender - (Recharge and relax)

DS Day - Cherry Blossom (Self Love)

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