Desaru Beachlife and Tidepool Discovery

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During each low tide, the Desaru Coast becomes alive with a myriad of interesting and secretive creatures. A hidden world often visited by the curious among us but seldom understood. Many interesting creatures that have been patiently waiting out the high tide appear during low tide to feed and interact. During the walk, be amazed the patterns on the beach made by the sand bubbler crabs, moon snails and other crustaceans and mollusks.

During times of very low tides, the rocky formation found along Desaru Coast becomes further exposed revealing many little rock pools. These pockets of pools are home to many interesting and bizarre creatures including limpets, barnacles, sand anemones, rock crabs, bi-valves, brittlestars, Sea worms, gobies, blennies, bulldozer prawns, sea sponges, and many more.

The time of this activity is tidal-dependent.
This is to ensure that we have a successful outing.

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