Handmade Jewellery Making Workshop in Miri

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  • Complete Jewellery Making Tool-kit: Receive three pairs of high-quality Stainless Steel pliers, cutters, and a beading board to bring your designs to life.
  • Genuine Pearls and Crystals: Use premium materials to create stunning pieces that radiate elegance.
  • Keep all the tools, materials and your masterpiece: So you can continue your creative exploration beyond the workshop

Option 1: Crystal Series  (4 bracelet and 3 earrings OR 1 Necklace, 1 bracalet and 3 earrings)

Option 2: Freshwater Pearl Series 1 necklace,1 earring, and 1 bracelet)

  • Option 3 : Cova series - Choose either Blue or Pink (2 necklace and 1 bracelet and 1 earring)

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