Jellybean Bubble Bath

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Jellybean Bubble Bath


Product details

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Packet is enough for 2 baths

Scent : 


How To Use :

  1. Pour half the packet of Bubble Bath Powder into the tub and start filling up with water. 
  2. Make sure your shower faucet / shower head / tap is set on high in order to start creating bubbles.
  3. Agitate the water vigorously to create more bubbles.


How To Store : 

Store your Bubble Bath Powder away from humidity and direct sunlight. Once open, reseal tightly.

Weight :
 110 g


Notes :

  1. As each Bubble Bath Powder batch is individually handmade / handcrafted, there might be slight differences between every batch as compared to the image shown above
  2. Natural ingredients are used for all products


Caution :

Bath tub will be slippery due to the bubbles

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