Langkawi Kayaking Adventure

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For the more energetic among us, head to Kubang Badak River for some Kayaking adventure. On your arrival at the Jetty, we will start off with a quick briefing and some helpful kayaking tips for beginners. Strap on your safety life jackets before we begin to board the kayak, one person at a time. Once everyone is on the kayak, we are ready to begin our kayaking adventure. We kayak at a slow pace to enjoy this serene river and pedal toward the open sea.

Along the way, guide will share interesting facts and explanations of the importance and intricate ecosystem of the mangrove forest. The intertwining roots of these unique plants are breeding grounds for many organisms that have adapted ingenious ways to thrive in a habitat dictated by the ebb and flow of the ocean tides.

Tour Itinerary:

  • 9.30am – Meet up at Location, briefing, and preparation.
  • 9.40am – Kayaking start. Make a stop at Pinang Cave, Charcoal Kiln, Jemuruk Island
  • 12.30pm – Lunch at floating restaurant
  • 1.00pm – Return back to jetty and tour end

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