RAAQUU HOFU raku pottery vase - ceramic christmas gift for her, gift box, new home, wedding gift, home decor, flower, OOAK art, pen caddy

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The Hofu vase is a decorative wide lipped vessel. The organic curves and traditional silhouette gives it a modest but impactful presence on any surface. This vase can be used as a pen caddy and makes a perfect gift.

Item Height : 12 cm ( 4.7 inches ) Item Width : 13.5 cm ( 5.3 inches ) Opening : 8cm ( 3 inches )

Material: Clay, Grogged earthenware

Available in 5 different finishes : Smoked Raku, Half Copper Matte, Full Copper Matte, Obvara, and Carbon Half Copper Matte.

RAAQUU Care Guide:

This vase is not suitable for water storage as it is porous and should be kept indoors. Avoid direct sunlight.

**Kindly note that the item you receive may differ from the photo on this listing. Please allow for slight variations in measurement and shapes for each ceramic piece as they are all custom handmade. Even the glaze and shades will not be exactly the same. Every piece is one of its kind and that's the beauty of owning a RAAQUU piece.


Almost 15 years ago, Adil was enamored with Raku pottery while undergoing a ceramics training program in Japan. He made a daring step to hone his expertise in all things Raku and the result of that decision led to the birth of RAAQUU.

Raku ceramics are special because of the unpredictability of the raku firing technique. Raku firing is done in an extremely hot kiln and then removed while the ceramic piece is still red-hot or molten. Immediately after coming out of the kiln, the ceramic piece is then placed in a reduction chamber – usually a simple metal bin or container – filled with sawdust or paper. The extreme heat from the ceramic piece then ignites the combustible material in the reduction chamber, which is then sealed for a while. What happens inside the reduction chamber next is the key to the unique and unpredictable colors and patterns of each raku ceramic piece.

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