Desaru Belungkor Hill Hiking

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This trail is suitable for those who look for a little adventure and has a high fitness level. Bukit Belungkur highest summit at 283 meters above sea level offers breathtaking scenery overlooking Selat Tebrau. Along the way, our local guide will explain the local flora and fauna that we might come across.

After a short 30 min break on the summit, we will make our way back down and will descend to a stingless bee farm own where he will showcase a stingless bee apiary. A demonstration will be held on how the honey is collected and we will be given stingless bee honey samples to taste and light snacks before we return back to Desaru Coast.

Morning Tour 8.00am to 11.00am

Total Duration of Activity: Approximately 3 hours
30 min : Drive to Belungkur
90 min : Walking / Hiking
30 min : Visiting Bee Farm
30 min : Drive to hotel

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