Glo24k Express Non-surgical 24k Anti-aging Facelift Cream

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Glo24k Express Non-surgical 24k Anti-aging Facelift Cream


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Our Express Facelift Cream is formulated to battle and minimize the visible signs of premature aging such as fine lines, marks, and wrinkles. Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Hexapeptide-8, and super anti-oxidants Vitamins A,C,E all known for their anti-aging benefits this cream will help in achieving an instant visual facelift effect while improving skin firmness, texture, and elasticity. This safe, non-invasive, for home-use syringe (no needle) is designed to apply a controlled dose of cream over areas of concern. Within seconds after application, this powerful formula tones, tightens, and contours the skin to generate a facelift effect by smoothing out lines and wrinkles. For best results, follow with GLO24K Anti-Aging Serum. For all skin types.
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