Happiness Starter Pack – Rose Edition

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Happiness Starter Pack – Rose Edition


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One chocolate a day (with a spare when you need an extra boost) keeps the gloom at bay!

Save the Rose for an emergency pick-me-up or indulge in it as soon as you unbox, it’s up to you.

Happiness Starter Pack – Rose Edition comes with:

  •  1x 23gm Rose & Lychee Chocolate
  •  1x 23gm Black Pepper & Chilli Dark Chocolate
  •  1x 23gm Bergamot Chocolate
  •  2x 23gm Peppermint Dark Chocolate (Chemor)
  •  1x 23gm Lemon Dark Chocolate (Chemor)
  •  1x 23gm Tangerine & Almond Dark Chocolate (Chemor)
  •  1x 23gm Grapefruit Dark Chocolate (Chemor)

Presented in an elegantly designed box and a personalised note from you.


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or 6,800 Enrich Points

Earn up to
21 Enrich Points