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Get access to 2 or 3 top attractions in Penang with our Journify Penang Pass! This pass includes a general entry to all-time favourites such as:

  1. Entopia Butterfly Farm
    Entopia Butterfly Farm in Penang is a stunning indoor sanctuary filled with thousands of colourful butterflies from around the world. Explore lush landscapes, witness fascinating life cycles, and create lasting memories.

  2. Habitat Penang Hill
    Journey to the heart of nature at The Habitat Penang Hill. Hike through lush rainforests, discover hidden waterfalls, and marvel at panoramic vistas from the world's longest canopy walk.

  3. The TOP Penang
    Elevate your Penang experience with awe-inspiring panoramic views from the city's tallest building. Conquer your fear of heights on the thrilling Rainbow Skywalk and step into a world of excitement at Penang's largest indoor theme park. It's a journey to new heights and endless fun!

  4. Wonderfood Museum
    Discover Malaysian culinary wonders at Wonderfood Museum! Enjoy larger-than-life delights showcasing the rich flavours of Malaysia. It's a visual feast celebrating Malaysia’s delicious heritage!

  5. Tech Dome Penang
    Ignite your curiosity and embrace the future at Tech Dome Penang, a cutting-edge centre for hands-on exploration of science and technology.

  6. Penang 3D Trick Art Museum
    This theme showcases artworks that highlight the essence of Penang's culture, traditions, and daily life. Visitors can let their creativity run wild as they pose with the art, creating memorable and Instagram-worthy pictures.

  7. Ghost Museum
    The museum features amazing 3D trick art that creates illusions of ghosts and other spooky creatures. Step into eerie settings, capture hilarious photos, and get ready for a thrilling adventure!  Be aware: strobe lights and fog effects add to the chills (but nothing too scary!).

  8. Magic World Museum
    Unleash your inner magician! This interactive experience combines magic tricks, movie sets, and mind-bending illusions.  Step into a world of upside-down rooms, escape mirrors, and captivating optical illusions.

  9. Glass Museum Penang
    Step into Penang's first glass museum! Explore captivating glass art, create your own masterpiece with on-site materials, and take it home instantly. This record-breaking museum offers endless photo opportunities and a unique artistic experience. 

Enjoy bigger savings with our selection of add-on activities:

  1. ESCAPE Penang
    Dive into a world of fun with thrilling rides and games set in nature. Rediscover the joy of play from yesteryear with a perfect blend of Low Tech, High Fun activities. No age limit – our attractions cater to everyone's energy levels and abilities! 

Refer to the “What to expect” tab for more information about each activity including the terms, validity and operating hours. 

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